Rules to follow ~updated~

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Rules to follow ~updated~

Post by Neku on Sat Jan 19, 2008 7:48 am

Rules must be followed at all times. You will have three warnings before I ban you. major offenses are as follows:

1.No Sexual content. This will be an immediate ban, no questions asked.

2. No double posting. first time will be a warning, second time will be a warning, a pm, and the post deleted, third time will be the above and I will discuss it personally with you, after that your banned.

3. No spamming outside the spam section. I put that area there for a reason so use it. This means to stay on topic when posting in a thread if it's outside the spam section.

4. Absolutely NO FLAMING. This is a discussion area, and as such everyone is entitled to their opinions, don't like it, ignore the user. I do not want to see fighting on my board.

5. Please keep it at least 5 words per post, give a little intelligence to your post.

6. A signature should be no more than two images, If a small banner is made for staff members or special recognition, these will not be counted toward that number.

7. No avatar should contain pornography or nudity of any kind. If I see this, it is grounds for immediate removal from this board.

8. Please do not double post unless your last post has been over a week ago and you have not received any help in the matter. First will be your post edited/deleted, second will be an edit/deletion and a verbal warning, third will result in an edit/deletion and 3 day suspension from the site.

9. If you are banned, there is a good reason. If you want to calmly discuss your ban with an administrator, please do it not on this site by coming back under another name. Do not come back under another user name, for it will just extend your ban time.

10. Keep the smiley content in your post to a minimum of 5, more than that strains the server and increases the chance for downtime, and we all want to prevent that.

11. No Offensive Content. This includes pictures or videos that may insult other members. No racist, sexist, homophobic or pornographic pictures or videos are to be posted here. If any of that is to be seen, then we will have to edit your post and give you a warning.

12. Only 1 GIF per sig/avatar. This is because it may cause some people's computers to slow down or freeze.

13. Threads with no point outside of spam zone will be locked.

14. Rules 1, 4, 9, 10 and 11 applies to the chat box.

I reserve the right to add more as needed, so check back often.

Additional Rules For The Staff!!!!!!!!

Staff are members, just like everyone else. Meaning they will not be flaunting their power, as it can and WILL be taken away at anytime if they do so. As such, they must follow ALL the rules set for the regular members. Also, there are some added for them:

1. A moderator/Administrator should NEVER order people around, They CAN ASK a member to change his or her signature/avatar IF it breaks a rule set.

2. They should never harass another user.

3. Spamming is even more punishable to them, since they should be setting an example for the rest of the users here, as such, after I have issued them three (3) warnings, they will be stripped of their power, after that is potential banning.

4. Respect is not demanded, but do understand: We do a lot of work around here, and the members should show some respect, this im asking from one member to another, not necessarily as a staff/member relationship

5. No using your powers for your own personal gain, the first time you will be warned, the second time you will be stripped of your admin/modship.

6. Do not threaten ANY of the members with your power or you WILL be stripped of it.

7. Do not abuse your power to make a member look bad. That means, if you don't like a certain member and are an admin, don't go around and edit their posts to be spam and then delete them for what you've done.

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