iPod/iPhone hacking

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iPod/iPhone hacking

Post by Neku on Wed Aug 26, 2009 12:12 am

I will be using the program iLiberty. I MIGHT provide a guide for ZiPhone later on.

First, download iLiberty

iLiberty will open to the main menu (Standard Tab)

Check the operations you would like to perform. If you are unlocking you would most likely choose all 5 options!

Click the Go for it! button from the Standard Tab to begin.

Next I got a message that asked me to disconnect then reconnect my iPhone and click the OK button.

Final Step in Unlocking your Iphone.

You will then notice a status bar appear. Unfortunately, mine only displayed until around 13% and then disappeared. No worries though, the unlock procedure continued and finished successfully. I was not notified that it did by the software. Just watch your iPhone until it comes to rest at the “Slide to unlock” screen.

I have used this sevceral times, and have never had a problem. However, it goes without saying


I will not be offering further assistance on this guide. IF you try to do this, and somehow mess it up, you either are on your own, or can pay for shipping the ipod/iphone to me,and pay for my time, as well as the return shipping, or fix it yourself.


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